19 March, 2008

Welcome to the Invasion Party.

Happy Birthday Invasion!!! I know we have been at odds lately. Ok. Ok. You're right. We've been at odds from the start. Buy can't we get along? ...No. It was a stupid idea. Actually, a stupid deception. On this anniversary, I'm reminded of how many of my fellow citizens were cowed and cajoled into supporting this damn war effort.

I don't think many people actually believed Saddam had WMDs. Maybe people were still smarting from the September 11, 2001 attacks and Afghanistan didn't provide enough raw meat for the dogs of vengeance. We lost the person "responsible" for 9/11 somewhere in the hills! There was no resolution!

This is where the real evil seeps up from the sewer. What better way do distract from this huge failure than to get even with the perennial favorite evildoer, Saddam Hussein. That would surely satisfy the call for blood! Eye for an eye, folks! That's how it's done!

Phuleeese. We have squandered great opportunities to become a just and respected nation. Instead, of building up relationships with our Allies, we have become belligerent, stubborn, and mean. Instead of investing in improving the lives of our own citizens, we would rather bomb the have-nots in other lands.

I wonder if there would be such a call for the end to the war if gasoline wasn't $3.60 per gallon. Why have we sacrificed 3900+ American lives in Iraq if it wasn't for cheap gas? The hawks were wrong. None of the rhetoric proved to be true. Everything they told the people was wrong. They should be held accountable. Those that do not want to hold them accountable are becoming more and more culpable for these actions. This sad, pathetic adventure as been allowed to fester for long enough.

So, Happy Birthday Iraq invasion! Fuck you.

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