03 April, 2008

Shut 'er Down

Independent truck drivers went "on strike" the other day. Did you notice? They can no longer afford to haul freight. Yet another example of Capitalism at its finest.

The independent truck drivers should not be striking against high fuel prices. They should be striking for fair compensation for the services they provide.

Way back in my trucking days, it took months for a fuel surcharge to make it through the freight companies to the independents. The company would let you bleed a little before they adjusted the compensation for the increase in fuel cost. It's good business.

Here are my recommendations for the independent truck drivers of America:

1. Park your trucks until the surcharges are guaranteed. I think America would come to a grinding halt within the week.
2. Demand fuel-efficient, hybrid trucks. The technology is already here. Instead of having Congress cut the fuel tax, have them fund a clean truck exchange. We'll all be better for it.
3. Band together and form some kind of organization ... What did they call those things ... Union! That was it! A Union! If only there was one of those still around ... dedicated to people in transportation. Yeah, I know the Teamsters are there. You should join. And if you don't like the way it's run, change it. When your a member, you can do stuff like that.
4. Lobby to get rid of NAFTA. Foreign trucks only dilute the potential power of the truck drivers. It has nothing to do with immigration, or hating on Mexico or Canada. It has everything to do with corporations exploiting and devaluing labor.

Well that was short and sweet. Now that my advice is out there, I can sit back and watch the world become a better place.


Pelkyi Dorje said...

Nice post. On the point of NAFTA, I would say that the better way to deal with the problem is to stengthen the unions in places like Mexico and throughout Central America. This would force wages and legacy costs in Mexico and elsewhere higher and make American drivers more competitive. Of course, this also drives up the costs of goods transported and affects consumers- but so does doing away with NAFTA. Its a no win.

Were you thinking of partaking in a little torch dousing today?

Aaron Lander said...

I agree that strengthening the unions in Mexico and Central America would be good for the local people and good for us. The biggest problem is the continued exploitation of "cheap" labor around the globe. This always creates a divisive environment. We as citizens need to understand the game and not allow it to divide our compassion and connection to our neighbors.

No torch dousing. It was very elusive thanks to the ever-wiley Mayor Newsom. :)