16 April, 2008


September 11th changed everything.  It ushered in a new era of useless security protocol.  I'm in the airport today.  Standing next to the large trash container full of "hazardous" liquids that must be discarded before people can make it through the security line.  That makes me feel safe.

If we are worried about liquids being smuggled onto a plane to create an explosive, why would they allow these potentially lethal items to remain next to the security area?  Most of the time they are piled high in small trash cans, mere inches away from hundreds of passengers.  I think if this was a real threat, a Hazmat team should be carting away each bottle.

That brings up another question.  Are people that uninformed that they do not know the requirements for running the security gauntlet?  Come on!  You know there are no liquids allowed.  Yes, it applies to the 64oz. drink you must finish before the next overflowing trash can full of death.

Speaking of death, if my plane comes down because of the trusting TSA agent that allowed a passenger a bottle of cologne, I'll refuse to post any more blogs!  Unless I survive.  What good is a policy if you can talk your way out of relinquishing your liquids.  Yes, it is a bottle of expensive cologne.  Yes, there is only a quarter of it left.  I understand it's not in a plastic bag as required, but you look like an agent with strong character and good moral judgement.  (Implied) I'm a middle-aged white guy with my wife.  Really, do I really look like a terrorist?

It's all show and bullshit.  We have to practically strip to get on a sardine can with crappy food you have the privilege to buy during the trip.  It's coercion.  The security apparatus has got us all trained, so it will be that much easier to corral everyone when state of emergency is declared and the fascists finally ship democracy off to Guantanamo.

Whoa!  I think my tin-foil hat just exploded.  Well, I'll add that to the list of prohibited items while traveling.

03 April, 2008

Shut 'er Down

Independent truck drivers went "on strike" the other day. Did you notice? They can no longer afford to haul freight. Yet another example of Capitalism at its finest.

The independent truck drivers should not be striking against high fuel prices. They should be striking for fair compensation for the services they provide.

Way back in my trucking days, it took months for a fuel surcharge to make it through the freight companies to the independents. The company would let you bleed a little before they adjusted the compensation for the increase in fuel cost. It's good business.

Here are my recommendations for the independent truck drivers of America:

1. Park your trucks until the surcharges are guaranteed. I think America would come to a grinding halt within the week.
2. Demand fuel-efficient, hybrid trucks. The technology is already here. Instead of having Congress cut the fuel tax, have them fund a clean truck exchange. We'll all be better for it.
3. Band together and form some kind of organization ... What did they call those things ... Union! That was it! A Union! If only there was one of those still around ... dedicated to people in transportation. Yeah, I know the Teamsters are there. You should join. And if you don't like the way it's run, change it. When your a member, you can do stuff like that.
4. Lobby to get rid of NAFTA. Foreign trucks only dilute the potential power of the truck drivers. It has nothing to do with immigration, or hating on Mexico or Canada. It has everything to do with corporations exploiting and devaluing labor.

Well that was short and sweet. Now that my advice is out there, I can sit back and watch the world become a better place.