08 July, 2008

Leaders in a Free World

Obama doesn't have the leadership experience.  McCain has leadership experience from being in the Navy.  McCain has Navy experience, but it doesn't matter.  Obama has experience in...AW!  Who the hell cares!

This is the United States of America!  We do not have "leaders".  We have individuals that represent the will of their constituents.  Politicians do not tell us what to do, we tell them.  I cannot believe the constant "Leadership" rhetoric.  

If the President of the United States told me to move out of the way, I wouldn't.  Why?  Because he does not have the right to make such a request, unless I was breaking the law.  The President is the chief law enforcement officer in our country, not the king.

What does that mean?  It means he is there to enforce the law.  He cannot create laws (unless it's a real good signing statement).  The President cannot operate outside of the law.  Which has me very disturbed.  How can Barak Obama say the the FISA compromise puts the issue to bed.  That, with this compromise, it will be clear that the President cannot operate a wire-tapping operation without the FISA courts being involved?  WTF?

Wire-tapping is illegal.  No compromise needed.  The President has been quoted saying a court order is required for domestic spying.  So why the big fuss?  Just bring his ass up on charges for breaking the law and move on!  Oh Yeah!  It's an election year and we must get as many Democrats in office as possible.  So they cannot look weak on defense.

Since when is defending our Constitutional rights weak?  

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