20 June, 2008

Vive la Résistance!

Here we go again! The House leadership has revived the dead corpse of immunity for the telecom companies. I’m going on a trip with this one.

Imagine zombies are trying to take over your house. You’re surrounded and have managed to secure all the windows and doors. You and your compatriots are feeling pretty safe. Then, tragedy strikes. A zombie slouches his way into the room and takes your friends arm for a snack on the run. Everyone pitches in and dispatches the zombie, then the poor armless one for the greater good.

Safe again. But wait! Another zombie picks off another loved one. What the hell is happening here? After the battle and the tears, you realize Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are among the survivors in your “secure” home. They keep letting the damn zombies in to try and negotiate with them. Why? No one really knows except Nancy, Harry, and maybe the zombies.

Really! Is anyone else getting tired of this? Nancy will not impeach on overwhelming evidence that W shit on the Constitution. Harry Reid needs a backbone implant. Would someone please tell them they control the agenda? These Constitution shredding bills do not have to come up for a vote! If W and Dearth Cheney can run out the clock, so can the Democrats.

Call your congressperson. Now. Tell them to vote “NO!” on the bipartisan FISA “compromise”. It’s funny. They take away our constitutional rights and call it bipartisanship. It’s nice to know there are traitors on both sides.

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