08 May, 2008

Species Identification: The Circovicwestian

This creature sports a seemingly non-conformist chic that is -
seemingly, upon further inspection - a conformist combo of punk, wild
west, and victorian posh. Think ripped fishnets, velvet jackets,
cleavage, and cobalt blue hair. There also seems to be an endless
supply of striped socks involved. They move about the various bay
area events where fire art and circus athletics mix to showcase their
non-traditional fine and physical arts. I find them fascinating and
at the same time cliquish and elitist. The appear to be highly tribal
and are almost never seen outside of their familial groupings.

Scientists believe this is an evolved species, having started off many
years ago more Mad Max than Deadwood. They wander around the
Crucible, Maker Faire and Burning Man, and haunt various Oakland and
San Francisco warehouses with their endless supply of lace, black
leather boots, and dreads - listening to music that few homo sapiens
have heard. It is believed that they have a minimal need for food
and sleep as a result of the regular ingestion of chemicals that
provide non-food based stimulation.

The result is that very few of them can be classified as portly or
larger. Quite often the CVW conform to the subjective standards of
homo sapien attractiveness. They have, by no means, evolved from the
underdog, loser, nerd, or dorky classes. They are perhaps the result
of past, unacknowledged, secret, and furtive mating rituals of
inquisitive cheerleaders, with the burn-outs that had the great
hair. Or perhaps a blend of the beauty queen and the tragic, yet
beautiful rock star.

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