02 June, 2009

Incorporate California Today!

California needs to become a corporation, fast!  I think it may be the only way to save the State.  Think about it.  If we incorporated, we could be the largest employer in the United States.  Of course, all businesses chartered in the State would become subsidiaries of California Inc.

Why the hell would I suggest this radical course of action?  Bailout money.  California, as a corporation, would be too big to fail and the Federal Government would print money faster than Limbaugh can deliver the smackdown to a dissenting Republicant.

Think of the press conferences!  Geithner and Obama telling us how important we are to the Nation.  Media outlets burning through hours of programming talking about all the superficial and unimportant details of the "painful" reorganization.  Our former State representatives jockeying for a prime spot in the new management team.  

Of course, our CEO would have to be let go as a sacrifice to the pissed off taxpayers.  I wouldn't feel too bad.  If Gray Davis was kicked to the curb over the VLF, Schwarzenegger should have seen this coming from a mile away.

Argh, I can't keep this up.  It's too depressing.


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